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Ticker is a web service for handling Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) compliant insider lists easily, securely and automatically.

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Ticker - Insider List Management
Cloud Based Insider List Management - Ticker is a fast, secure and automatic insider list tool.

Why insider lists?

European Union’s Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) obligates listed companies and companies acting on behalf of them to maintain insider lists for keeping track of people who have access to company’s insider information.

These lists include project based and permanent insider lists and a list of persons discharging managerial responsibilities (PDMR). Additionally, organizations maintain other MAR related insider lists, e.g. list of people having access to unpublished financial information.

Automatic insider management with Ticker

MAR sets strict and detailed requirements for insider management e.g. proper communication with insiders and reporting to national financial supervisory authorities.

Managing your insider lists manually by email and Excel sheets and maintaining a perfect audit trail is not only time consuming but also subject to human errors. By using Ticker you:

  • Ensure that your company complies with the Market Abuse Regulation.
  • Save time for more value adding work
Automatic Insider List Software Ticker - Ensure MAR compliancy and save time and resources.

Benefits From Using Ticker

Market Abuse Regulation compliancy

Ticker is continuously developed in co-operation with financial supervisory authorities and is MAR (Market Abuse Regulation) compliant. A perfect audit trail and previous versions of your insider lists are built automatically.

In addition to MAR’s closely associated persons, with Ticker it is also possible to gather IAS 24 related parties.

Save your time and resources

An easy-to-use online tool for insider management cuts down your manual work and saves your time and resources.

An automatic tool for insider management also lowers the risk of human errors.

Automatic, multilingual communication

Do you communicate with your insiders in multiple languages?

Ticker’s customisable message templates and automatic reminders makes multilingual insider communication easy and effective.

You'll be in good company.

We have more than 150 customer organisations in five countries. Ticker is being continuously developed with our customers.


Whether a small or a big one – we validate every feature request and customer feedback we get.

Automatic, multilingual notifications and reminders

Ticker requires only insiders’ email addresses when adding them to an insider list. After that Ticker automates the workflow of notifying insiders about their obligations and submitting their personal information.

You can set automatic reminders for insiders who have not remembered to confirm their obligations.

Ticker supports multilingual notifications and obligations which is essential if you communicate to insiders in multiple languages (e.g. your local language and English).

Insiders fill in their information by themselves

Insiders fill in their MAR required information by themselves. If their personal information already exists in Ticker due to a previous project, they only need to confirm that their information is still up to date.

Admin users can also fill in insiders’ information on behalf of them.

Decision of delaying disclosure

Ticker walks you through the necessary documentation related to decision of delaying disclosure: time stamps regarding the decision, requirements for delaying disclosure, responsible persons for the decision and other MAR requirements.

Automatic audit trail in UTC format

Ticker logs all insider additions, confirmations of insider obligations, data modifications and messages in UTC format which is required by MAR.

You always have access to previous versions of your insider lists from any given point in time. You can also export insider lists or their previous versions as an Excel file.

Automatic reporting to financial authority

Reporting to your local financial authority is easy: Ticker sends all the necessary insider list information and the documentation of delaying the disclosure by secure email.

All MAR related insider lists with a single tool.

You can handle your company’s project based insider lists, permanent insider list, list of PDMRs and also possible other, organization specific lists.

PDMR list and their closely associated persons

Ensure that your PDMR list is up to date and make your board members’ and executives’ lives easier with scheduled reminders to check their personal information. Schedule reminders to be sent twice a year, for instance!

Closed window reminders

You can schedule closed window reminders to PDMRs.

Many Ticker customers also maintain a list of financial information recipients (e.g. persons who participate in interim report preparations) and schedule closed window reminders to them as well.

IAS 24 related parties

With Ticker it is possible to gather IAS 24 related parties alongside MAR’s closely associated persons.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Ticker can be integrated to your company’s single sign-on (SSO) authentication and access control. This enables admin users an easy access to Ticker, as they do not need to login separately.

Customizable for your organization

Ticker is highly customizable: Message templates, insiders’ obligations, instructions and data fields can all be modified to make them match your organization’s operational model.

Easy & fast deployment

Ticker doesn’t need any separate installation or assistance from your IT support or department. After setting up your account, Ticker is ready to be used immediately!

We can also set up a free trial account for you in no time.

Free of charge customer support

Our customer and technical support is included in the service with no extra cost.

ISO 27001 Certified data centers

Ticker runs in state-of-the-art, ISO 27001 certified data centers located in Germany and Finland. Above all, multi-redundant network connections and highest level of information security assure that Ticker is available 24/7.

GDPR compliant

Ticker is fully GDPR compliant.

Clear pricing and unlimited usage

Ticker’s clear pricing model is simple: with a fixed price, you’ll get an unlimited number of insider lists, administrator user accounts and insiders. In conclusion, everything is automatically included. We have no hidden costs and no extra fees.

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